Guarding Systems

Our systems are completely customizable, coming in a variety of height and color options. Let us help you choose what safety system is best for your needs.

Allow for top safety and easy work access.

For a reference on assembling your Steel-Guard system, click here. All of our guarding systems are high-quality and fully built to order. You have to keep your workers and inventory safe, our systems can get the job done. All of our systems and accessories are made of USA steel, ensuring nothing but the toughest and most consistent product on the market. Our complete system offers protection, while still allowing your supervisors and managers to oversee the entire production line. Many of our gates, panels and posts can also be custom-made, or purchased separately to go along with your pre-existing railings and safety equipment. Let us show you how something as simple as a post can save you money in the long-run. Our systems can help prolong the life of your equipment, saving you thousands of dollars in operational delay and part replacement. You have to keep your workers and inventory safe, our systems can get the job done. Your workers need easy access to certain areas during manufacturing and operational hours. Our secure gates allow for such access, while still offering absolute safety. All of our available products and systems comply with current OSHA standards and requirements. End-user awareness and preventative protection are a must, not just from a manufacturer standpoint, but to adhere to the most up-to-date building codes and regulations. You shouldn’t have to stop production time for matters of safety. Allow us to ensure that your operations are sound and completely protected with our complete line of guarding systems. For information on special type panels, click here.   Product Matrix Information

Custom Sizes Available

The following parts are available at this height:


  • Panels
  • Panels Hinged Right
  • Panels Hinged Left
  • Double Panels
  • Double Panels Hinged Right
  • Double Panels Hinged Left


  • Hinge Gates Right Hand
  • Hinge Gates Left Hand
  • Double Hinge Gates Right Hand
  • Double Hinge Gates Left Hand


  • End Posts
  • Center Posts
  • Corner Posts
  • 3-Way Posts
  • 3-Way/Hinge Panel Posts
  • 4-Way Posts
  • Hinge Gate Posts
  • Hinge Gate/Hinge Panel Posts
  • Hinge Gate Latch Posts

We Have a Complete List of Custom Design Product Offerings

Our company can provide on-site consulting and personalized quotes. We’ll even design and engineer plans specifically for your needed layout.

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