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We’re proud to bring over 20 years of experience to the industrial guarding industry. When you work with us, you know you’re working with an expert.

Services and products you can count on.

We provide perimeter safety guarding for a variety of uses and industries, including robotic, safety fence and conveyor guarding, and much more. In addition to providing industrial guards, we also provide world-class design and consulting services, along with complete technical support. Steel-Guard has created our own industrial guarding system that has newer and improved design capabilities, and allows us to offer competitive pricing options and better service. We work with integrators, end-users and OEMs of all shapes and sizes. Our custom-built designs are able to work around robots, all assembly lines and anything else that moves in the manufacturing environment. Guarding is required by current OSHA standards and regulations. Allow us to make sure your facilities are up-to-date and matching current codes. Customer service and efficiency are a top priority with us. We know that’s what keeps our customers so loyal. When you’re working with Steel-Guard, you know you’re working with an affordable and reliable company.

We Have a Complete List of Custom Design Product Offerings

Our company can provide on-site consulting and personalized quotes. We’ll even design and engineer plans specifically for your needed layout.

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